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What are the environmental requirements for the use of medium wire?

What are the environmental requirements for the use of medium wire?

    Middle wire is a kind of machine tool application, so when it is used, there are certain requirements for the environment, mainly as follows:

1. Choose a place that can withstand the weight of the machine tool. If the weight of the equipment cannot even be supported, once the equipment is subjected to vibration or impact, not only the machine will be damaged, but it may even be dangerous.

2. Choose a place with small temperature changes. The equipment itself will generate a lot of heat. If the temperature changes too much, the service life of the equipment will also be greatly affected. The ventilation condition is good, and the spacious workshop is more suitable for the use of the medium wire cutting machine.

3. Choose a place where there is no dust. If there is too much dust, the screw of the equipment will be worn and the middle wire is controlled by the computer. If the dust enters the computer disk, the disk will be damaged. In addition, heat dissipation and ventilation are required during the operation of the equipment. If too much dust accumulates, electrical components and heat dissipation will be poor, and the circuit board will be easily burned.

All in all, if you want to use the medium wire to be better, you must create a good environment, which can not only protect the medium wire machinery and equipment, but also improve the processing efficiency.



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